Mr. Kalandan Mohammad Arif

Mr.Kalandan Mohammad Althaf

Mr. Kalandan Mohammad Haris

Ms. Fathima Azbha

Mr. Rakesh Narshi Lodhari


The founding directors come with 30+ years of experience in surimi as well as marine industry with their connections reaching out from local to global market.

We at Ocean Proteins are a team built based on the variations of skill set and experience that each of the director brings to the table and combined in a way to bring out the most precise team which is built upon years of trust and loyal customer base.

Our team consists of a highly skilled production department, that holds 25+ years of experience and the key factory staff- Electrical, Mechanical and Technical department with an expert skill set and an experience of 15+ years.t


Our vision is to apply our expertise for a better understanding about the preferences of prospects all around the world and delivering them, with quality assured.


Our mission is to deliver excellence, experience and efficiency in all our commitments aiming to gratify our customers and exceed all their expectations.


“We believe in protecting what provides us”

An established Effluent Treatment Plant [ETP] of 1.5 million litre capacity per day which treats waste water in a sustainable way.
Our ETP is equipped with modern science equipments like Electrocoagulation, Aeration, De-Nitrification, clarifier tank and UV-RO facility to meet the water standards of Pollution Control Board Of India.
We strongly emphasize in our ancient roots of giving back, being accountable and responsible for the bounty of nature through sustainable methods.
We adhere to social and environmental responsibility and local commitment as we expand our global reach.